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The database contains bibliographic information in different languages on documents about culture and art from the collections of the National Library of Belarus. Also it includes regional bibliographic information provided by regional libraries of Belarus. Most bibliographic records are supplemented with brief annotations.

Size of the database: more than 100 thousand bibliographic records. Chronology: 1993–2007.

This is a reference database; online booking of documents is not available.

The search system allows finding documents in all elements of a bibliographic record or in one of selected elements (author, title, theme etc). Besides, search results can be limited by fields such as language and publication date.

  • Search results are limited (1 000 records).
  • Record elements (search fields) are automatically connected with logical operator “AND”, i.e. bibliographic records featuring all terms of a search request will be found on default.
  • When selecting elements “Theme”, “Author (person / organization)", the command button appears. It allows a user to search in the authoritative / standard records dictionary. The search request for connected records is built by switching on the title of a found record. As long as not all bibliographic records are provided with authoritative records, search results can be incomplete or negative. In that case, keyboard your search request.
  • It is possible to limit the search domain by selecting one or a few kinds of documents. Default search is made in all kinds of documents.
  • Use spaces when entering words; the word order is random, no punctuation marks.
  • The character case is not important. For example, entering the keyword minsk you will get search results featuring words minsk, Minsk and MINSK.
  • When entering a few words, select the appropriate search mode (see Search modes).
  • Enter phrases in quotation marks to search for exact phrases. For example: “social psychology”, ‘social psychology’.
  • Use the search mode “Beginning of a text” to search for a word without ending or suffix. For example, entering the search request math? you will get search results featuring words mathematician, mathematics, mathematical etc.

Note: Search is not available if record elements (search fields) are empty.

Search modes:

  1. Any word. Selected record elements must feature at least one of the words, i.e. words are automatically connected with logical operator “OR”.
  2. Beginning of a text. Search is made in the beginning of a word or a text, or in the whole text.
  3. Exact phrase. Search is made in an exact word-combination or a phrase.
  4. All words. Selected record elements must feature all words, i.e. words are automatically connected with logical operator “AND”.


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